CPI’s Weekly Compass for September 18, 2017

CPI Staff — Monday, September 18, 2017

Here are the top stories conservatives are following this week:

What’s Really Happening

GOP’s Last Minute Obamacare Plan: As we noted last week, Republicans have until September 30 to use budget rules to pass Obamacare repeal by 51 votes and their main vehicle to tackle the issue is a block grant reform proposal by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana). As pressure mounts with CBO predicting premiums will increase another 15%, a source tells Politico: “McConnell and his team are engaged and serious about the vote and working with the conference to build support for Graham-Cassidy… White House is also operating with all hands on deck.”

Conservatives have concerns on the bill’s merits. Senator Rand Paul: “Graham/Cassidy keeps Obamacare and tells the states to run it. No thanks.” Avik Roy suggests the bill would lead starkly different paths throughout the country: blue states to single payer, red states to more free market. Phillip Klein reported Friday that there are as many as 49 votes already secured for Graham-Cassidy, with Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) sounding hopeful about state deregulation details. Meanwhile, Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) prepares to release a new bipartisan bill that includes bailouts for insurance companies paired with some state flexibility.

CPI’s Rachel Bovard explains that even if Republicans miss the September 30th deadline, there’s no procedural excuse to give up on their nearly decade old promise to repeal Obamacare:

“Again, the parliamentarian’s counsel is advisory. The Senate can, and frequently does, choose to break new ground by voting on a question of procedure. This is how new precedent is created… Regardless of what the parliamentarian advises, the Senate retains the right to act as the body decides.”

Policy Perspectives

Notable Events

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