Weekly Compass: The Omnibus Albatross

CPI Staff — Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Good afternoon from D.C. where a Chick-fil-A just opened in Union Station, changing the game forever when it comes to lunch options on the Senate side of Capitol Hill.

The House is out of session this week but the Senate is in town. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appears to have finally realized that keeping the Senate in session may be politically helpful to the GOP, which is heading into the midterms with the largest electoral advantage in history.

Speaking of the midterm elections, the passage of the $1.3 trillion omnibus in March is becoming an albatross for Members of Congress on the campaign trail, and a rallying cry for Republican challengers:

  • In NC-9: “It’s time to act like Republicans . . . we keep spending, spending, spending and we do not cut.”

  • In WA-3: “The Romans were brought down by spending money for things they could not afford.”

  • In Utah’s Senate race: “Romney said he would have joined Lee in opposing the bipartisan legislation and hinted that he would be willing to force a government shutdown to block another bill like it.”

  • In West Virginia’s Senate race: “Morrisey . . .went after Jenkins for voting in favor of the omnibus spending bill last month, which Morrisey claimed included funding for Planned Parenthood.”

  • In Indiana’s Senate race: Rokita is . . .run[ning] against the establishment, touting his vote against the omnibus spending bill last month.

  • In Montana’s Senate race: Candidates discussed their “unwavering support for gun rights, less government interference in Montana, and their opposition to the recently passed 2,232-page omnibus bill and its $1.3 trillion dollar price tag.”

  • And conservative favorite for Speaker of the House, Jim Jordan, railed against the bill on the House floor: “Let’s just do what we said we would do.”

    More and more, it’s looking like Republican survival in the House and Senate may depend on their ability to help President Trump keep his promise to “never again” sign a bill like last month’s omnibus.

The Latest from Around the Conservative Movement

  • The California State Assembly is set to vote on a bill that would ban the sale of books expressing traditional Christian beliefs on sexual morality.

  • Kanye West endorses Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens, saying: “Self victimization is a disease.”

  • Speaking of repealing Obamacare, there’s a new Republican plan in the works.

  • The complexities of being part of the middle-class in America.

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